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Wowing someone with engagement poems isn’t difficult with the right inspiration! If they’re sincere with just the right amount of witty word-work, she’ll be flabbergasted with your creativity. Still not ready to delve into puddles of prose? No problem…use some of the original engagement poems below.

The In-Between

I used to think new love was best;
when I courted with a passion
girls who played me hard-to-get.

I loved the fluttered passion
when my hand first lay on hers;
the fresh feel of a kiss newly stolen-
yes, that’s what my heart preferred.
Yet others say new love is fleeting
and can’t compare to old;
the sublime passion of an aged love
far better than a new love, brash and bold.

But no-one ever spoke about
poor Engagement’s merits;
that in-between new love and old
and every marriage has it.

It is a stage ignored too much
a step ‘tween love and marriage;
an awkward in-between time
through which couples have to manage.

I disagree:
It is a place no-one can touch
a place between the poles;
a place that is both brash and bold
and comfy, like a marriage old!

I used to think new love was best
while others liked a marriage bed.
Myself, in truth, I’ve come to marriage-
despite what my younger self has said.
But now, engaged, I love the love I feel
the in-between of comfort and a newer lover’s zeal!

Has your lady made you a better man? Engagement poems like this one proves you’ve changed thanks to her love.


I have never been a man possessed
of patience- none at all.
Of anything I ever liked
I took it quickly, large or small.

I always thought my way was best
why wait, for what you want?
It’s best to hold your new desire,
and never let it taunt.

And so I, maybe foolishly,
believed my marriage thus;
I would propose, she would agree,
and we’d get married sans a fuss.

But no, not her- she wanted a
true wedding, with a long engagement.
I loved her, so I acquiesced
(though not too pleased with the arrangement).

At first I hemmed, at first I hawed,
at every turn I whined.
I wanted her, my one true love-
I wanted her to be mine.

But then I found, to my surprise-
I started to enjoy it.
So used to instant gratification
I never knew its opposite.

But now I see, with open eyes
engagement’s virtues true.
That fast assent, that quick elation,
that instant give to my temptations,
all paled to the true, true joy
of engaged anticipation!

If you’ve had a tough time coming up with the perfect proposal, make light of it using engagement poems like the one below.

The Plotter

I thought, at first, to do it
beneath a gorgeous waterfall;
but then I heard that that was done
by your older brother Paul.

For my next thought, I resolved
to have it at a local fair.
Alas, that one happened too:
to your younger sister Claire.

My next plan, I decided
on a sweet Valentine’s Day
proposal; much like, I sorely learned,
your oldest brother Clay.

And so that plan was quashed
and all my plans have come to naught-
a knack for clever wedding knots
runs in your family’s train of thought.

So here I am, not half as smart again
as those others who proposed.
I don’t have that certain marriage flair
you and your family might have hoped.

Does she know you haven’t got a poetry bone in your body? Maybe opt for simpler engagement poems like this one instead of a long one she’ll never believe you came up with yourself.

But-Forget it!

I don’t need a clever rhyme
or plan, or song, or special time
to tell you that I love you.
I love you more than you can know,
a love that grows, and shapes, and flows
into the world and in our bond.
I stand here, with no special thought
save all the love my heart has wrought, and say:
Will you marry me?

Does she think you never have time for love? Show her otherwise with engagement poems that tell her how you really feel.

Busy, Busy

“Busy, busy, my good man!
I’ve got some work to do.
I have a five o’clock today-
and an eight when that one’s through.”

That was my life, and is today;
I live, to work, to live.
It’s not that I don’t want to love-
I have no love to give.

For love takes time, love takes work;
I cannot now provide you
(I’ve too much of one, you see,
and too little of the former).

But when I met you, all things changed
(it’s true, if a tad cliché)
I found that I made time for you
I always found a way.

I’ve never felt that way before
nor, I think, shall I again.
You, who took me from my work-
well, not many people can.

So let me, on this gorgeous day
show you a truth I’ve come to see;
stand still, atop the emerald grass,
and answer:
Will you marry me?

Is being engaged enough for now? Wedding plans stressing you out? Show her that this is a special time to be cherished and not rushed through with engagement poems like this one.

Some speak of pending marriage
with a future plan in mind;
they see a house, a baby carriage,
a family grown, a family kind.

Some like to linger in the passions
of a fiery new romance;
I do too, after a fashion,
but the past has had its chance.

For me, I am content;
there is no greater praise.
for engagement is a finite thing,
a thing I’ll never have again.

So I will cherish my engagement!
I won’t look back, nor forward neither,
For now, I am an in-betweener;
I am content, to live and love,
for now, and spend my time with you!

Engagement poems can take her breath away. Don’t believe me? Try this one on for size.

The Teardrop

What whimsy lines my lover’s tears?
What feelings might a man espy?
Her hopes, her dreams, her thoughts and fears-
what lies behind those dazzling eyes?

Perhaps a heart replete with passion,
fills the eyes in different fashion;
perhaps it stems from hope, or pride,
and joy along that teardrop rides.

And now I see my lover’s tears,
her hands to mine she softly steals.
I look at her, and she at me,
Our souls entwined in ecstasy;
and as I kneel and ask her clear
Her eyes reflect what dwells inside…
that love along that teardrop rides!

Engagement poems can sum up a lifetime of passion. Don’t take my word for it, read on!

My Love, Do You Hear It?

Wait- do you hear it?
My love, do you hear it?
I hear a beat much like a drum
it comes and goes, ba-dum ba-dum-
My dear, do you hear it?

Hear it, hear it, my love?
It beats much faster now.
No? I wonder, love, I wonder how
you still don’t seem to hear it.

Oh my dear, do you hear it?
It beats much harder here.
Come closer, closer now, my love-
then maybe you might feel it.
I see- you say you hear a beat
and feel the beats, them all.

Oh my love, I cannot wait
to wed you, your grace
a virtue hard to find these days.
A word could tell of love, but hearts
sing true- yours beats in time with mine.
And the way your arms wrap ’round my waist,
your eyes that shine, my love…
I know that you too feel it.

Always been the hunter? Show her that she’s tamed your inner animal with engagement poems like The Hunter below…

The Hunter

The metaphor has always been
a metaphor of hunting;
the courtship dance, since time ago,
has always been quite striking.

“Guard your heart”, my friends would say,
and so I did since I can e’en remember;
I would play the game, woo the girl;
tuck my arms upon her waist so slender.

But no-one ever warned me
that the hunter could be hunted;
that a woman, bold and brave
and clever, could disarm me.

And you did- so unprepared was I
that I had lost before I had begun.
Your smiles, your laughs, your loving looks
had tamed me long ago.

And here I am, contented,
to be snared inside your arms;
Betrothed to wed my huntress
who thieved my heart from me!

Fiance scared you have cold feet? Calm her fears with engagement poems like this one…

The Dream

I ran to meet my wedding-bride
inside the chapel doors;
but oh, that evil lady Fate-
had other plans for me!

She twisted me behind the church
and said “to marry, are you sure?
“So many other girls abound
so many, for your pleasure.”
I said “no ma’am, my choice I’ve made
nor can a soul persuade me
that any other girl at all
is like the girl that loves me.”

But in my moment’s glory
my clock rang out alarm;
I woke, the sun upon my face
and you upon my arm.

I woke, and made my
morning chores
a smile on my face
as yours I looked upon;
to be engaged to you, my love-
a dream without compare!

A Little Perk

I passed a girl who once I knew
she said, “Boy, you look fine.
Have you been working out anew?”
“Not that.” I said, and walked.

I passed a man who once I knew
he said, “Boy, you look well;
new job, more cash?”
“Oh no,’ I said, and smiled, walking on.

I passed a lady on the street,
she winked at me and said:
“Oh boy, how is she? She said yes?”
“She did” I said, and grinned.

For now I know, the girl I want
is about to marry me;
it makes each step, each harried thought
feel like an easy breeze.

The love- her love- far better than
those other drugs, for sure;
new jobs, and gyms, and cash pale far
behind my own betrothed.

Although these are more traditional pieces of prose, engagement poems don’t have to be literary works of art to steal her heart. Make up your own engagement poems (grammar mistakes and all) and she’ll cherish them forever. Still need help? Click here for unique and creative marriage proposal poems instead.

If you have any engagement poems you’d like to add, use the contact form to drop me a line! Thanks!

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