The Marriage Compatibility Test

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was such a thing as THE Marriage Compatibility Test we could take to know for sure whether or not we should get married to the person we’re with? It would be able to answer questions like, “Is she the one?” and “is it time to get married?” (What is the average age anyway?)

It would be much easier if we could conclusively predict whether or not a partnership would work and figure out why certain ones fail before we walk down the aisle!

Unfortunately, love doesn’t follow a formula. Staying together doesn’t either. That is one of the many marriage myths out there. Life is unpredictable. There are simply too many factors that come into play.

The fact is, that’s one of the things that makes taking the plunge so exciting! It’s the idea that you’re choosing someone you’re comfortable facing the unknown with! The truth is that the compatibility test you’re looking for doesn’t exist!

That doesn’t, however, mean that there aren’t tools to help you make an informed decision on your own. For instance, you can examine the reasons to get married and reasons not to marry sections of this website. They will give you concrete examples of things to look at.

Additionally, there are many questions to ask before marriage. Use these questions as starting points for important conversations that will sway your decision. In an effort to combine all the puzzle pieces, you may even explore Zodiac sign love matches. Every angle is one you can use to effectively calculate whether or not you should be together.

Just for fun, I’ve created the quiz below for you to take. Please keep in mind that this quiz cannot make a decision for you. Take what you will from it and use it to assess your individual relationship.

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