Will He Propose or Is He Just Wasting Your Time?

will he propose

Time and time again, I’ve had friends come to me asking, “will he propose?” It’s usually accompanied with tears, ice-cream and the constant slamming of cupboards and/or doors.

Yes, it is indeed terribly frustrating. How do you know when a man is on the road to wedded bliss…or when he’s simply taking you for a ride? Put down the spoon and dry your eyes. I’m here to give you the answer.

1. He’s gradually increased his level of commitment to you.

This can entail a lot of different things. For instance, when you first started dating, he’d freak out if you left your toothbrush at his place. Now you’ve got a week’s worth of work clothes in his closet. That’s a good sign.

will-he-proposeIf there has been constant progress within your relationship, there’s no need to assume it’ll stop. You’ve been hitting the next steps together. Why won’t a proposal be another one?

However, if your relationship seems to be stagnant, that may be cause for concern. If you’ve been dating for three years and he still acts weird when you sleep over, it’s unlikely you’ll be heading down the aisle anytime soon. Will he propose? Doubtful.

2. He refers to you as “us.”

This clearly shows his state of mind when it comes to the relationship. It shows that he sees the world with you by his side and that he’s already relinquished some of his independence.

For example, his mom invites him to visit over Christmas. He replies, “I’ll let you know what we’re doing that day. He doesn’t answer only for himself realizing that the two of you will be together.

3. He talks about the future and you’re in it!

If he says things like, “oh man, we should totally take a Mediterranean cruise next year,” you can be guaranteed that is a great sign. Men don’t usually like to discuss the future if they’re unsure as to whether or not you’ll be in it! They’ll avoid the topic completely rather than have you start asking questions about where the relationship is going.

4. He’s mentioned marriage – even if only in passing.

A man who’s afraid of commitment or who can’t see a future commitment with you won’t say things like, “when we get married…” or “I’ve always wanted a beach wedding.” It just won’t happen.

A man who’s not afraid to bring up the subject probably won’t be afraid to pop the question. Will he propose? Probably.

5. He doesn’t freak out when you mention marriage.

Granted, any man will start to get annoyed if you’re constantly talking about when you get married, (It is just not a good strategy, ladies!) but the occasional word drop won’t send him into a tailspin. If he answers your questions, contributes to the discussion (no matter how brief) and doesn’t will-he-propose-nopee himself, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

What It All Boils Down To…

While none of above can guarantee you’ve got an engagement ring in your future, it can give you clues as to whether or not you’re waiting your time. Don’t fool yourself if you know he’s not the marrying kind. I have seen woman after woman try to get a self-professed commitment phobe to propose. It is a complete waste of time and energy. Why would you want to convince a man to marry you? I just don’t get it.

If you’ve read the above and he’s passed the “test” with flying colours, give him some room to breathe! Don’t push him into proposing or torture yourself by constantly asking, “will he propose?”

It’s been my personal experience that men want a proposal to be a complete and utter surprise. He can’t surprise you if you’re bringing it up every day! Just be your wonderful self and he simply won’t be able to resist.

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